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(4 Months) Your amazing baby: babbling, playing and more

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By the end of four months, your baby will reach these important developmental milestones:

  • Smile spontaneously
  • Play with people and maybe cry when the fun stops
  • Copy facial expressions
  • Begin to babble
  • Cries in different ways, depending on the need/want
  • Responds to affections
  • Reaches for a toy
  • Uses hands and eyes together, such as reaching for a toy
  • Recognizes people who are far away
  • Holds head steady
  • Pushes down with legs when feet are on a hard surface
  • May be able to roll over from tummy to back
  • Can shake a toy
  • Pushes up with elbows when on tummy

Call your doctor if your baby:

  • Doesn't respond to people
  • Does watch things as they move
  • Can't hold his head steady
  • Doesn't coo or makes sounds
  • Doesn't bring things to mouth
  • Doesn't push down with legs when feet are placed on a hard surface

If you don't have a doctor or would like a free developmental screening, call Home Safe at (561) 383-9822 or 2-1-1 and ask for Help Me Grow.


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