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Tummy Time How-To

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Baby on stomach playing with toy

Everyone talks about the importance of tummy time. It develops a baby's head, neck and shoulder muscles and leads to other important skills - like crawling.
But how exactly does it work?

Here are some steps to get started...

1. Lay your newborn on his or her tummy across your lap two or three times a day for a few minutes.
2. As your baby grows stronger, place him or her on a blanket on the floor after a diaper change or nap. Arrange age-appropriate toys within his or her reach.
3. As your baby gets used to tummy time, place your baby on his or her stomach more frequently or for longer periods of time. For a 3- to 4-month-old baby, try to aim for around 20 minutes of tummy time a day. Be sure you’re next to your baby while he’s on his tummy.
4. He may get fussy or frustrated on his tummy, but you’ll be there encouraging him every step of the way.


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