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Struggling to find a safe place for your kids after school?

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High standards for Palm Beach County after-school providers ensure exceptional after-school and summer programs are available to our children. Those standards make quality easy to identify.

So when looking for a program for your child, ask yourself the following:

Is it Safe? Does the program have established policies for management, staff and the program as a whole?

Are the People Caring? Are there strong, ongoing relationships between and among children and staff?

Is it Welcoming? Do all children feel included and encouraged?

Is it Supportive? Are children encouraged to build new skills and try new challenges?

Is it Engaging? If it’s not fun, children simply won’t want to go.

Are the People Approachable? Are families invited to get, and stay, involved?

Finding a quality program

Prime Time Palm Beach County and its partners, with support from the Children Services Council of Palm Beach County, launched the Afterschool Quality Improvement System to ensure Palm Beach County children had access to high-quality after-school and summer programming.

Today, thousands of children receive this kind of care at dozens of sites across Palm Beach County. So ask your potential program whether it’s involved in Afterschool QIS.

Or, to find a program near you, click here.

You can also contact Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County for more information, such as inquiries about scholarship eligibility, or call 561-514-3300.



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