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See Tracks? Think train!

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A little boy in a denim hat and jacket standing at a cross walk watching a yellow training coming down the tracks.

With more and faster trains now in South Florida, it's important to keep these safety tips in mind:

1. Trains move faster and are closer than they appear. Because of their size, trains may appear to be much farther away and traveling much slower than they really are. It takes a mile or more for a train to stop in an emergency!

2. Make sure to stay behind the yellow line on a train station platform. Cross only where you see a designated crossing. And always look both ways before crossing tracks.

3. Remember that trains are quiet, so be super alert! Never wear headphones near train tracks. In some cases, trains will not sound a horn.

4. Never cross tracks when you see a moving train. Never trespass on train tracks - it's against the law! Never try to chase or outrun a train. Never walk or bike along train tracks. 


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