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Look and look again — cars are big; kids are small

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The stories are heartbreaking. A family member is pulling into or out of a driveway and hits a young child. It happened recently in Boynton Beach when a 14-month-old boy was hit in a driveway as an uncle was backing out.

Since 1990, more than 1,150 children have died after cars have backed over them in driveways. Almost all of the children were under the age of 5 and in many cases, it was a family member driving.

There are a few easy steps that parents can take to ensure their child doesn’t become another statistic. Here are tips courtesy of Safe Kids Worldwide:

  • Make sure an adult is monitoring any children outside when you leave. Don’t allow children to play in parking lots unattended.
  • If there is anything in the driveway that might attract a child’s attention such as a bicycle or toy, move it away.
  • Accompany little children when they get in and out of vehicles.
  • Before you drive away, check around your car to make sure no children are near.
  • Back up slowly and if you are in an area with children, roll down your windows so you can hear what’s going on outside the vehicle.
  • Hold your young child’s hand when walking in a parking lot or by driveways. Make sure to teach older children to be aware of driveways and cars backing up.

Safe Kids Worldwide

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