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Your child’s bad habits usually nothing to fear, so be patient

Odd habits are part of growing up, and thankfully, children usually outgrow them. In the meantime, try to ensure your child gets quality sleep, which …

Tantrums? Power struggles? . . . Oh, you must have a toddler

Here's what you can expect — from tantrums to potty training — during this crazy, yet amazing, time of development. Read on for expert tips and advice …

Should I worry my moody teen is sulking too long? Find out here

Periods of teenage angst typically last a few days. However, chronic or prolonged behavioral and mood changes can indicate a mental health concern. If …

What are clues that my child needs emotional counseling?

While temper tantrums and bad moods are a normal part of childhood, they might indicate an underlying mental health concern if they are severe or pers …

Nurture close relationship with teen to prevent substance abuse

During the teen years, it’s only natural to worry about the influence drugs and alcohol could have on your child. If you suspect your teen has a probl …

How to ease your children's tension when two families merge

We're going to be honest: It can be daunting to blend a family with children from two spouses. The best ways to solve conflicts are to be patient, co …


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