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Your kid can encourage other kids to read. Here's how...

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There are a lot of ways kids can help other children learn to read – and improve their own reading skills at the same time! Here are some tips for kids:

Read, Read, Read:
The more you read – books, magazines and anything else – the more you learn.

Take Books Along: Reading keeps you from getting bored. So why not bring a book or magazine along to read while you’re at a doctor’s appointment or waiting for your sister’s ballet class to end?

Help a Friend: If a friend is having a hard time reading, offer to read with them. Or read to a younger child. This will help you practice reading while showing them how fun books can be.

Start a Book Club or Book Exchange: Share your love of reading with your friends. Ask your teacher or parent if you can start a book club. Then you can all read the same book and talk about what you liked and what you didn’t. Or trade your favorite books with friends, and ask them to share theirs with you.

Visit the Library: Libraries let you borrow books for FREE! You get to take them home for a little while, then bring them back so someone can enjoy the books. So get to your local library and pick out the books you like best.

Ask for Help: If you’re having trouble reading, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask your teacher, your parent, your librarian or another adult you trust what you can do to practice your reading. They may be able to find a tutor to help.

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