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Tips on finding an OB-GYN

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Once you know you're pregnant, you should find a doctor known as an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN). An OB-GYN specializes in women’s health and will be by your side throughout your pregnancy.  

When looking for an OB-GYN, you should:  

• Know if the doctor takes your insurance or Medicaid.  

• Be aware of which hospitals they are affiliated with. Most OB-GYNs have admitting privileges at one or two hospitals. That means they are able to deliver your baby at those hospitals. If you want your baby delivered at a particular hospital, that may limit your search for an OB-GYN.  

• Ask whether the OB-GYN will be the one delivering your baby. If the OB-GYN is part of a group practice, will you meet the doctor who could deliver your baby? If the doctor doesn’t have partners, who is on-call when the doctor is unavailable?  

• Check on the doctor’s after-hours policies. If you have a question or issue, how fast will someone get back to you?  

• Feel comfortable with the doctor and the doctor’s office. Do you feel the doctor listened to you and spent enough time talking to you?  

• Talk with friends and family and see if they have recommendations. Remember, though, that an OB-GYN who may be right for one woman may not be right for another.  

If you are looking for an OB-GYN, the Florida Department of Health has a searchable database that will allow you to see how long the doctor has practiced, educational background and affiliated hospitals.  

The database can be found at: https://appsmqa.doh.state.fl.us

Once your baby is born, you also will need a pediatrician. Follow many of the steps above. You can use the same database to find a pediatrician near you.  

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