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Open water poses different dangers to kids

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  • Teach children that swimming in open water is not the same as swimming in a pool. Talk to them about rip currents and only swimming where there are lifeguards present.
  • Teach children not to dive into open water because they may not know how deep the water is or what might be hidden under the surface.
  • Always have children wear life jackets approved by U.S. Coast Guard while on boats or around bodies of water. The chances of drowning in a boating accident are 1 in 66 if wearing a life jacket and 1 in 11 without a life jacket.
  • Many boating accidents are alcohol-related. Alcohol, boats and kids can be a lethal combination.
  • Infants and children are at a higher risk for hypothermia. If you are taking a baby on a boat, make sure to have a dry blanket or towel. Make sure you know CPR. CPR classes are offered through the American Red Cross and CPR Florida.


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