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Is your preschooler sleeping enough? And how does it help?

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Girl napping and sucking her thumb

Don’t be alarmed that your preschooler loves to sleep — a lot.

Pediatric and sleep professionals aren’t hitting the snooze button on a recent report urging parents to ensure their children are getting enough sleep.

Ten to 13 hours a day, including naps, are recommended for children ages 3 to 5.

The American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s report that emphasizes the importance of children of all ages getting enough sleep each night. The academy also recommends removing TVs and computers from children’s rooms and turning off screens at least 30 minutes before bed.

The academy encourages you to ask the doctor during annual exams for suggestions on how to help your child get the appropriate hours of shut-eye.

Quality rest improves attention spans, behavior and the ability to focus and learn, according to study. It also makes it easier to regulate emotions and be more physically fit.

In contrast, children who don’t regularly log enough hours often show an increase in injuries, high blood pressure, obesity and depression. 


Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine
American Academy of Pediatrics


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