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Getting college & career ready: Tips for sophomores (10th grade)

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This parent and family checklist will help your sophomore achieve big goals!


  • Set goals for the academic year.
  • Emphasize the importance of arriving at school on time every day.
  • Be vocal about your expectations.
  • Help your student adopt good study habits.
  • Encourage your student to take the PSAT.
  • Discuss taking an honors or advanced course.
  • Talk to the school counselor to ensure your child is on track to graduate and possibly on track for a Bright Futures Scholarship.


  • Get involved in your student’s school and encourage participation in activities, clubs, community services or sports.
  • Get to know your student’s friends and their families.
  • Help your student understand appropriate behavior on social media.
  • Share your expectations and explain the possible consequences of risky behaviors like drinking, drugs, vaping, etc.


  • Talk about future goals and help create a plan.
  • Encourage your student to start thinking about attending college and career fairs, and visiting colleges.
  • Learn ways to pay for college, such as scholarships and Federal Student Aid.
  • Create a post-secondary education savings account and encourage your student to contribute to it from part-time or summer jobs.
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