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BLOG: County parks boast speed for thrill seekers on wheels

Dirt bike on track

If you’re a family of thrill seekers, look no further than a number of skate parks and BMX facilities at Palm Beach County parks. These facilities allow kids and teens to strap on their helmets and catch some air on their bikes and skateboards for maximum fun and a great workout!


Bicycle Motocross, known as BMX, is an action-packed cycle sport that can be competitive or freestyle, usually performed on off-road environments. The sport involves racing, stunts and speed!


Skate parks are popular among kids and teens who enjoy skateboarding, freestyle biking and inline skating in a more action-packed environment. Kids and parents can make friends, learn tricks and work on their skills in these recreational environments.


Roller hockey allows kids to play in a team environment and hone their skills as an athlete. It’s played on a paved outdoor court using wheeled skates. The County Parks & Recreation Department operates the following roller hockey rinks, which lets kids grab their skates and hockey sticks and race up and down the rink:

The parks department encourages safe play. Regardless of age, please wear a helmet and take other safety precautions when partaking in these sports.

Click here to view an important helmet safety video. To find a helmet fitting location near you, use Children's Services Council's free app, SafeMap, by clicking here to download it on iOS or clicking here for Android.

Bibi Baksh is public relations specialist for the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department.