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Expert homework tips

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  • Get to know your teachers – and their expectations: Attend curriculum night; read the papers sent home in your child’s backpack; ask for a parent-teach conference.
  • Set up a homework station at home: The space should be quiet, screen-free, with all the necessary supplies nearby.
  • Keep a schedule: We all have busy lives. But try your best to keep your children on a schedule in the late afternoon/early evening so they know when to expect a snack, some down time, homework time, dinner and bedtime.
  • Encourage kids to do their own work: Parents can make suggestions or help kids head in the right direction, but teachers won’t know if a student understands the assignment if parents do all the heavy lifting. And children won’t have a sense of accomplishment, and self-confidence, if they think they can’t do the work themselves.
  • Be a homework cheerleader: Ask your child about their homework, offer to check their work and be there to answer questions, if you can.
  • Praise their work and efforts. Post a great grade, particularly if a student’s worked hard to achieve it, on the fridge. 
  • Seek help: If your child continually struggles to understand or complete assignments, ask for a parent-teacher conference. Sometimes students may have trouble seeing the board and need glasses. Other times, their struggles may be a sign of a learning problem.



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