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BLOG: Local parks offer great way for kids to try organized sports

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Team playing basketball

From baseball and football to cheerleading and rugby, Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation offers various opportunities for kids and adults to join competitive sports teams and leagues that practice on fields in our parks.

Sports like soccer, lacrosse, basketball and softball allow kids to learn a variety of skills – physical, mental and social – that are beneficial beyond the sports realm. These include:

  • Helping maintain a healthy weight by staying active while having fun
  • Improving motor skills, such as coordination
  • Developing social skills and sportsmanship by working with others
  • Gaining self-confidence as an athlete

Studies also have shown that children who participate in organized sports are more likely to succeed in school and work.

If your child is interested in joining an organized sports league or team that practices and plays in one of our parks, we've made it easy for you to contact a team at our Youth Sports Directory.

If you love playing recreational sports, but aren’t interested in a league or team, you can still enjoy them at many of our parks. Basketball courts, tennis courts and open green space are available for groups to play unorganized activities (no officiating, scorekeeping, schedule, league play or practices permitted). These amenities are available on a first-come, first-served basis during regular park hours unless a special event is scheduled.

Please note, baseball and softball fields are available at a charge on weekdays, weekends and holidays by obtaining a ball field permit.

Bibi Baksh is public relations specialist for Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department.

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