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Nutritional guidelines for young children

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We know it seems like little kids can live on air, but toddlers actually need 1,000 calories a day to grow up healthy. Not sure how much dairy, protein and veggies your little one should be eating? This video may help.

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  • Save money and eat healthier by cooking at home

    • Frozen fruits/vegetables and canned goods are easy on the wallet. • Involve your child in every step of planning and executing meals. • Strive to vary the color of foods on the plate.

  • Frustrated by your picky eater?

    • Involving children in food prep may increase their likelihood of eating it. • Children usually balk at the texture of foods rather than the flavor. • Let your child pick and choose from what is on the dinner table.

  • These local organizations can help you pay for food, school supplies and more

    “About 41 percent of the population of Palm Beach County is living paycheck to paycheck,” says Lexi Savage, a senior vice president with United Way of Palm Beach County. “So if there’s a crisis, such as a car breakdown, they’re financially vulnerable. They’ll stop spending money on food.”