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8 ways to prepare your young child for school

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Interactive graphic of child with backpack
Preparing for kindergarten? Your child needs to be ready emotionally and physically, as well as academically.

Click here for an interactive graphic that can help.

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  • Routines, consistency important in preparing for preschool and kindergarten

    • Visit the school beforehand and meet the teacher. • Help your child learn how to find the classroom (and bathroom!). • Be aware that kindergarten is more academic these days.

  • Build your toddler’s foundation through reading

    • Reading with your child is a great way to show your love. • Singing songs and reciting nursery rhymes is another way to learn words. • The library offers free activities for all ages, such as play groups.

  • Ages 3-5: Running, jumping, balancing and speaking clearly — your child is getting ready for school!

    • Ninety percent of brain development occurs by age 5. • The earlier developmental delays are addressed, the better the outcome. • One in four U.S. children up to age 5 are at risk for developmental, behavioral or social delay.